Jenna's lifelong passion for music has been evident since her early years, when she started mastering classical piano at the age of 5. By the time she turned 12, she had added guitar to her repertoire, and during her early teens, she seamlessly transitioned to playing keyboard and providing backing vocals for several teen bands. Amid the challenges of the Covid pandemic, Jenna dedicated her time to honing her songwriting skills and perfecting her solo performance, which has now taken her to various stages across Arizona.

Her musical versatility knows no bounds, encompassing genres ranging from Popular, Country, Rock, to Classical music. Beyond her musical pursuits, Jenna actively contributes to causes close to her heart, such as Music United Against Teen Bullying and Suicide, as well as Alice Cooper's Teen Rock Center. Outside the realm of music, she finds joy in her love for dogs, excelling as a cross country athlete, and indulging her passion for wake surfing.